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Our Mission:

Erewash Voluntary Action CVS works towards a caring and more inclusive society by developing and supporting individual and group voluntary action that responds to local community needs and wishes.



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Erewash Children and Young People’s Well Being Network

Erewash Development Workers Network


Erewash Volunteer Organisers Forum

Erewash Voluntary Sector Forum








Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Funding


Heritage Lottery Fund





Tea Dance




Men’s Sheds


Futures In Mind

Community Connectors

Erewash Mental Health Partnership

Compassionate Communities Project



Wellbeing Erewash

Five Ways to Wellbeing







Dementia Friends Information Session

Erewash Mental Health Partnership - Information Day


Wellbeing Erewash Participation Event




VCI Passport







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A Big Thank you to the Asda Foundation who donated £6000 to Erewash Voluntary Action towards our transport scheme.


Jon, the Community Champion, and Ben, the Store Deputy Manager along with Shiralee, People Manager and colleague Gaynor from Asda Long Eaton presented the cheque at our Christmas Tea Dance.


Due to this fantastic donation we are recruiting new volunteers for our Transport Scheme.


In 2017 we received 56 NEW transport referrals, a 14% increase from last year.

Our 15 volunteer drivers provide transport to over 40 clients per month on a regular basis, driving 6415 miles last year. We have set ourselves a target of increasing our drivers to 30 in 2018. With your help we are hoping to encourage people to think about volunteering to help members of their local community. Please find poster attached if you could advertise for us.


Volunteers make a huge difference in the Erewash community and the rewards to them can far outweigh any rewards to the people they help – it is a two way process. Volunteering equates to an enhanced quality of life and in some cases can prevent social isolation.


Anyone can be a volunteer and just an hour a week makes a difference to someone’s life. Erewash Voluntary Action are based at Granville Avenue, Long Eaton – opening hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 4.30pm on Fridays, telephone 0115 9466740. Call or pop in for an application form.

See below for more information on our direct services and volunteering

What we do:


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Celebrates 30 years serving local people.

1983 –2013.


What do Volunteer Centres do?

Volunteer Development Agencies (often know as volunteer centres or volunteer bureaux) provide support at a local level for individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. They have six core functions:


1.   Brokerage
VDAs primary function is to match both individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities in the local community. VDAs hold information on a comprehensive range of opportunities. They offer potential volunteers support and advice matching their motivation to volunteer with appropriate volunteering opportunities.

2.   Marketing volunteering
VDAs stimulate and encourage local interest in volunteering and community activity. This may include promoting and marketing volunteering through local, regional and national events and campaigns .VDAs will manage and promote a national brand for volunteering.

3.   Good practice development
VDAs promote good practice in working with volunteers to all volunteer involving organisations. They deliver training and accreditation for potential volunteers, volunteers, volunteer managers and the volunteering infrastructure.

4.   Develop volunteering opportunities
VDAs work in close partnership with statutory, voluntary and private sector agencies as well as community groups and faith groups to develop local volunteering opportunities. VDAs understand the potential offered by the local communities and work with them to realise this potential. VDA will target specific groups which face barriers to volunteering. VDA work creatively to develop imaginative, non-formal opportunities for potential volunteers.

5.   Policy response and campaigning
VDAs identify proposals or legislation that may impact on volunteering. It will lead and/or participate in campaigns on issues that affect volunteers or volunteering. VDAs campaign proactively for a more volunteer-literate and volunteer-friendly climate.

6.   Strategic development of volunteering
As the local experts on volunteering VDAs inform strategic thinking and planning at a regional and national level.


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What does a CVS do?

All CVS support, promote and develop local voluntary and community action through the following five key functions:

Services and support

CVS promote the effectiveness of local voluntary and community groups by providing them with a range of services. These may include access to basic facilities, such as meeting rooms, photocopiers and ICT equipment or more involved services such as community accountancy and employment advice. CVS also support local groups through regular newsletters, training, funding advice and specialist services.


As a focal point for the local voluntary and community sector, CVS encourage networking between individuals and groups within the sector, and between local groups and the statutory and private sectors. This allows local groups to learn from one another, establish contacts and work more effectively. CVS also help different communities to organise their own networking activity.


With government encouraging involvement of voluntary and community groups in shaping and delivering services, CVS enable the views of local groups to be represented. For example, many CVS run voluntary and community sector forums which provide an opportunity for local groups to put forward their views on national and local policies.

Development work

Over the years, the local voluntary and community sector has pioneered some of the essential public services that we now take for granted. Child protection and care for the elderly, for example, had their origins in, and were developed by, the voluntary sector. This tradition has continued into the 21st century, and today CVS take the lead in identifying gaps in service provision and work with groups to develop new and innovative services to meet these needs.

Strategic partnerships

CVS work in partnership with local government and other statutory agencies to shape the delivery of services. CVS play a key role in empowering local groups to take part in partnerships and are directly involved in a wide range of regeneration, neighborhood renewal, health and social care, learning and other government initiatives. Strategic partnerships may be sub-regional, district wide or neighborhood. They may cover several issues or have a particular focus.




Erewash Voluntary Action - CVS your only local quality accredited Volunteer Centre





We provide help, information and support to voluntary and community groups operating in Erewash – ask for Stella Scott.


Volunteering – we help you recruit, train and support Volunteers - ask for Linda Brown


We act as a voice for the local voluntary sector for voluntary and community groups


We attend meetings with:

Erewash Local Strategic Partnership

Derbyshire Partnership Forum

Derbyshire Economic Partnership

Long Eaton Chamber of Trade

Derbyshire Constabulary

Police Commissioner

Erewash Dementia Action Alliance


Membership is Free for the First year!

Thereafter the cost is £10.00 per annum payable on a rolling basis provides some discounted prices and a voice at our Annual Meeting. Members can borrow equipment from us and use our colour photocopying and scanning services.


The best reason to become a member is to give your group or organisation a voice.


Download our membership leaflet and form here.


We send out regular emails and newsletters to groups and to volunteers. You do not even have to be a member!


Our Annual reports can be downloaded from the Charity Commission website. Put our name or charity number in the search box.


We are funded by Derbyshire County Council, Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group, our own earnings and public donations.


We are members of Long Eaton Chamber of Trade, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, NAVCA and NCVO.



Erewash Voluntary Action CVS registered Charity No. 1069838

Company Limited by Guarantee No 3537038


Please click on the picture below to see our YEAR in the LIFE of Erewash Voluntary Action.

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                                             Coming soon!



If you would like to volunteer for any of the below projects, please download our application form here.

Our projects include:

·       Befriending / Sitting Service:


Sitting Service

The sitting service was set up to allow carers to get out and have a well earned break.

They may be caring for someone 24 hours a day without any respite and this service enables them to

do whatever they wish for a while without worrying about their loved one.


Befriending Project

Our volunteers also befriend people in their area who are lonely, isolated or housebound. Calling in

for a weekly chat and a cuppa goes a long way. Note:- Task is visiting in the home, not taking client out.

Not for those people in Residential / Nursing Homes or in Warden Assisted Housing.

Filming of our Tea Dance and coverage on the television of our befriending service.

Please click on the above link to see the video.


Erewash Sound interview with Linda and Clare

It links to a list of podcasts and currently Linda and Clare are the 6th one down (this will change over time.)




·       Mental Health Volunteering

The role of the Mental Health Volunteer is to provide a befriending service to support people who are experiencing mental health issues. The aim is to enable and encourage the individual to join a local community group and participate in activities.


·       Community Connectors

Helping people of Erewash connect with other local people, activities, groups and services.



·       Shopping Project

We provide a shopping service for people who are unable to shop for themselves and have no family or friends to help. Shopping can be carried out on a weekly basis by volunteers if available. Shopping project Referrals are received from Social Services, Health professionals, Call Derbyshire, or Voluntary Sector Single Point of Access


·       Transport Project

We provide a transport service for people (paid for via groups and organisations) who are unable to access public transport.


Brokerage Volunteering


Description: Description: index.10 is the UK’s only national database of volunteer vacancies. It enables you to look for opportunities that suit you.


You can search by:-


Your Postcode

How far you are willing to travel

Area of Interest

Area of Activity

When you are available


Volunteer Centres are the local agencies that promote and develop volunteering. Many of the opportunities on Do-It come from Volunteer Centres.


If you can't find a suitable opportunity on Do-it, your local Volunteer Centre might be able to help.

Contact details are overleaf. Confidential interviews are available.

We recruit from all sectors of the community including, Voluntary, community, public and private sectors.







There are a number of training events coming up soon to provide support, advice and information for groups, organisations and individuals.



Training for volunteers who volunteer with children or vulnerable adults – we offer the Derbyshire Passport Scheme.


VCI Passport Scheme—Erewash



The Passport Scheme is a five week course FREE to volunteers.


Each session will cover a different topic as listed below.


If you want to develop your skills, add new qualifications,

brush up on your knowledge, or add  to your CV this course

is the one for you.


There are two Passport schemes one for volunteering with Adults and one for volunteering with children.


Venue: The Granville Centre, Granville Ave, Long Eaton  NG10 4DH


Session 1

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Session 2 - Keeping Children and young people Safe or keeping Adults Safe

Session 3 - First Aid

Session 4 - Health and Safety

Session 5 - Getting the opinions or Person Centred Working








At the end of the course volunteers will be awarded a certificate.



For more information or to book a place call


Stella Scott – Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 0115 9466740



We also provide other training events – let us know what you need.

For the latest Training events download our current newsletter.



Is your Group Looking for Funding?


Erewash Small Grants Scheme

Small grants are available through the Erewash Small Grants Scheme for local Erewash community and voluntary groups. Groups can apply for up to £1,500 as long as projects meet at least one of the health priorities of the scheme.  The aim of the grant is to help improve services and opportunities for local people. Applications can be made at any time using the grant application form. For further details contact Catriona Paterson Development Worker at Erewash Voluntary Action or telephone 0115 9466740. Erewash Voluntary Action manages the small grants scheme in partnership with Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group, Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council Adult Care.


Foundation Derbyshire

Foundation Derbyshire manages an endowment fund of over £6 million. The average grant is around £1,000 and usually covers a 12 month period. Programmes may cover equipment (capital) and general running costs. Applicants are advised to seek confirmation from Foundation Derbyshire. Contact the grants team 01773 514860 or email



Please click for the:




Funding Opportunities March 2018

Funding Opportunities February 2018

Funding Opportunities January 2018

Funding Opportunities December 2017

Funding Opportunities November 2017

Funding Opportunities October 2017

Funding Opportunities September 2017

Funding Opportunities August 2017

Funding Opportunities June 2017

Funding Opportunities May 2017

Funding Opportunities April 2017

Funding Opportunities March 2017

Funding Opportunities February 2017

Funding Opportunities January 2017




Erewash Voluntary Action is leading the Erewash Mental Health Partnership which is funded by Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group.


The Erewash Mental Health Partnership aims to develop opportunities for people with mental health issues to access local community groups and organisations in order to participate in activities.  Volunteering opportunities are also available and actively promoted to service receivers.


Erewash Voluntary Action is working with community groups and organisations in Erewash encouraging groups to become more mental health friendly. Mental Health Champions who have attended Mental Health First Aid England training are taking responsibility to ensure a welcoming and supportive environment for service receivers.


Volunteers are involved to befriend and introduce people to groups and activities supporting them to attend for the first few times.  Peer volunteers are also being included to help and encourage service receivers.  Volunteers are provided with mental health awareness training to develop their skills and understanding of mental health.


Information about Erewash activities is shared across the network included statutory, community and voluntary and private partners to help improve signposting and referrals.


Partnership events are organised for service receivers and partners.


For further details about the Erewash Mental Health Partnership contact


Catriona Paterson – Development Worker

Tel: 0115 9466740




The fifth edition of Erewash Engage the newsletter for the Erewash Mental Health Innovation Project. This is a new project aiming to develop opportunities for people who use mental health services to access local community groups and organisations. The project is also for those who feel joining a local group would help to improve their emotional health and well being.


Comments and feedback please send to Catriona Paterson Development Worker at Erewash Voluntary Action  Tel 0115 9466740


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People of Erewash connecting with other local people, activities, groups and services.


Community Connectors are local people who will use their local knowledge and involvement to connect people of Erewash to other local people, services, activities and groups. We recognise local people living and working in Erewash know the community better than we do, and are the best people to help others.


A network of Community Connectors will be led by the people of Erewash, adopting a person-centred approach to improving health and wellbeing.

They will identify strengths, potentials and opportunities (assets) that already exist in the local community. By gathering the views of local people, they will establish what is important to people in their community, identify changes they would like to see and what would help to make those changes. This approach will empower local people by encouraging them to use the skills, knowledge and interests they already have and engage in the community. Existing connections will be further strengthen across Erewash by identifying and working with groups, forums or organisations we don’t already have links to. 


The Erewash Voluntary Action Development Worker will support Community Connectors who want to enhance and strengthen their involvement in their community.  Connectors may be actively involved in a local group, regularly come into contact with local people or may already be supporting others and linking them to resources of some kind. They gather and share information on services and support within Erewash, and link people to existing groups, assistance and support. 


 Community Connectors will receive regular ongoing support from the Community Connectors Development Worker. Frequent one to ones and peer support meetings will be arranged, in addition to social events and access to a secure social media forum. They will receive training to enhance their existing knowledge and develop new skills. Agreed out of pocket expenses will also be paid.


If you would like to know more about Community Connectors or would like to get involved please contact 


Jo Hallam - Development Worker         

Tel: 0115 9466740










Erewash Voluntary Action is working as part of the Future in Mind partnership in Erewash. Future in Mind is a government plan to help ensure that by 2020 children and young people are able to achieve positive emotional health by having access to high quality local provision as well as a range of support enabling self-help, recovery and wellbeing.


Erewash Voluntary Action is responsible for:


· Mapping voluntary and community groups that provide activities and opportunities for children and young people in Erewash.


· Identifying training needs of community and voluntary groups to help develop skills and understanding of mental health before issues and symptoms escalate.


· Organising mental health awareness training in children and young people to train leaders to become mental health friendly.


· Signposting and providing information to all organisations about groups and activities for children and young people.


· Organising the Erewash Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Network quarterly meeting to which any group or organisation can attend that are providing services for children and young people.


· Organising volunteer passport training for young people identified as potential volunteers.


For further details about Future in Mind contact either

Stella or Catriona at

Erewash Voluntary Action or




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What have you done for your wellbeing today?





Good mental health is important to help us all live a healthier, happier life.



There are some easy steps that you can take they’re known as the Five Ways to Wellbeing:




These easy steps improve how you feel each day, they don’t take up much time and they don’t have to cost anything either time with others


Being around other people can help to boost our mood and help us feel connected to the wider world


Evidence shows that improvements in your physical health can help improve your mental health makes you feel good?

Taking notice is about making the time to appreciate the world around us. something - NEW

Learning new skill can boost confidence and give you a sense of achievement 

Help someone - volunteer

Helping others, saying thank you, or just giving someone a smile can help to improve your self-esteem and your wellbeing



Want to know more?



Erewash Voluntary Action,

Granville Avenue, Long Eaton, NG10 4HD


Jess Holmes – Five Ways to Wellbeing Worker 

Tel: 0115 9466740






 The most up-to-date list of all the voluntary and community groups active in Derbyshire


 The voluntary groups, organisations, social clubs, charities, social enterprises in this directory are all based in - or work within - Derby and Derbyshire.

 The directory is maintained and contributed to by a network of 14 organisations across the region including ourselves.


Description: Description: County Wide Database.jpg



Disclosure and Barring Scheme Check


As voluntary groups often support vulnerable people and children you may be asked to complete a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check. 

A criminal record does not necessarily prevent you from volunteering. Erewash Voluntary Action will process any DBS forms for their direct service volunteers.


Erewash Borough Council can act as an umbrella body for local voluntary organisations. The charities are responsible for checking their own applications which are then passed to the Personnel department at the Borough Council for further checking, processing and countersigning.


Volunteer Celebration 'Race


The Volunteer centre holds a monthly Tea Dance:

Come Along and Be Part of our Wednesday Afternoon Social Club

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 1.30pm - 3.30pm

£3 each - includes tea/coffee and cakes/biscuits

For those who wish, optional dancing to music from the golden era of tea dances will be available!

Description: Description: Tea Dance.jpg


Erewash Voluntary Action has started a Men's Shed project which provides an opportunity for men to socialise while undertaking different shed/workshop projects.


Future sessions will cost £2 and will be held every 2 weeks.


The Shed is seeking donations of any woodworking tools and these can be dropped in at the Charity during office hours.


A Men’s Shed is a larger version of the typical man’s shed in the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests with a high degree of autonomy.

A Men’s Shed offers this to a group of such men where members share the tools and resources they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue.

They are places of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. A place of leisure where men come together to work.


No Booking necessary. Just come along!


‘If you’ve got any ideas or skills bring them with you’.


Tell us what you want to do.




· Stamp Collecting

· Coin collecting

· Wood Working

· Pyrography Marquetry

Chat, share and learn

Free tea and coffee

Qualified skilled supervisor instructor on hand.


Weekly – Mondays

Except Bank Holidays



10.30am - 12.30pm

Derventio Housing

Ilkeston Office

The Orchard Works

1 Grenville Road

Ilkeston, DE7 8HT


0115 9443865


Inside our HQ building



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Room Hire


Erewash Volunteer Action has several fully equipped rooms for hire by community voluntary groups, suitable for either meetings or training events with catering for any event. Workshop space available.


All rooms are versatile for different layouts. Tea & Coffee can be provided.


Full Disabled Access. The premises were designed for use by disabled people and are used regularly by Derbyshire Adult Community Education and other training providers.


U3A Have various Interest groups that meet at Erewash CVS. Photography, Coffee Morning, Mixed Media, Dance, Quiz Group, Laptop Group, Gardening Group & Family History.


Rooms for 2 or 3 people to around 100. Wi-Fi, projector, screen, flipcharts etc. Day, evening and weekends at reasonable rates.

We also may be able to offer long term office accommodation.


Car Park and on street parking.


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Description: Description: telephone

0115 946 6740


(4.30PM Fridays)



Erewash Volunteer Action

Granville Avenue

Long Eaton


NG10 4HD


Our website is simply to encourage you to contact us.


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For information on over 4,000 voluntary and community groups in Derby & Derbyshire.

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Find out about our up to date and latest Volunteering Opportunities

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Member of Volunteer Centres Derbyshire Network


Last updated: 21st March 2018

Erewash CVS is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England & Wales No 3537038 and a

Registered Charity (England & Wales) No 1069838.

We gratefully acknowledge support from Erewash CCG, Derbyshire County Council and the people of Erewash

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